Industrial Air Compressors



  • Reliable compressors with leading energy efficiency.
  • Available in a range of technologies to suit your application needs.
  • Design, planning, installation, maintenance and repair services all from PremiAir. 


Industrial air compressors play an important part in many production processes for a variety of industries across the globe. Businesses rely on their air compressors every day to deliver the performance they expect to keep their operation running. In fact, compressed air is mission-critical to so many sectors around the world that it is often referred to as the “fourth utility”. 

Producing compressed air to power machinery and essential processes in your facility doesn’t need to be a challenge. Selecting the right compressor for your application, and keeping it maintained properly with expert servicing and repairs will lead to a highly efficient and low-cost solution that delivers the reliability you require - day in, day out. 

We stock and supply a range of compressor solutions from some of the industry’s leading designers and manufacturers including CompAir, Hydrovane, and Champion. Between them, they provide a range of products that encompasses every requirement from small workshop needs to large scale industrial plant requirements, we’re sure to have a technology that provides the essential performance you need. 

CompAir’s range of rotary screw compressors are extremely durable, low maintenance, and cost-effective, providing a great solution for those who need continuous air supply, even in challenging conditions. Their L-Series of lubricated machines has a range of sizes available from the small 2 kW model which provides ideal performance in a garage or workshop, up to the large 250 kW model which can be used to power an entire production line. 

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If you’re looking for the reliability of a screw compressor but require hygienic performance due to your industry’s health and safety legislation, then CompAir’s range of oil-free screw compressors is the ideal choice. Helping you to achieve ISO Class 0 performance, their innovative design ensures absolutely no lubricant in the compressor chamber, guaranteeing a contaminant-free output at all times. 

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CompAir also has a fantastic range of portable compressors available which are perfect for mobile applications. The range varies from small units that can be loaded into a van to large towable machines suitable for demanding off-site conditions. 

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We also supply a range of Hydrovane rotary vane models. Known for their simplicity, these durable tried and tested machines provide efficient performance with minimal maintenance requirements, perfect for a range of industries including construction and manufacturing. 

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Additionally, for small to medium-sized jobs, the Champion range of piston compressors offers a low noise solution. Available in a range of Series to suit different requirements, Champion’s piston units deliver a long working life alongside high-quality performance that you can rely on. 

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View our individual product pages for more information on our range of technologies, or call 01842 754488 to speak to a professional engineer who will be happy to provide tailored guidance and advice based on your personal requirements.