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Many industries are coming to expect higher levels of air quality for their production process. Due to changes in legislation, increases in health and safety regulations, and demand from consumers, hygiene is fast becoming a number one priority for hundreds of sectors across the globe. 

To achieve high levels of cleanliness, air treatment accessories are highly recommended to complete your compressed air installation. Atmospheric air contains more than just air, there are also dirt, dust, and other contaminants present as solid particles and vapours. When compressed, these other elements are also compressed and can pose a significant risk to the health of your machine and the quality of your end product. 

The risks of having a contaminated compressed air output are numerous. Firstly, air that isn’t pure can contaminate your end product, causing product spoilage and loss of production, ultimately resulting in a costly loss of earnings for your company. Secondly, polluted air can cause damage to the internal mechanisms of your compressor and the pipework. This can cause corrosion and general wear and tear of your parts and pipes, causing a decrease in machine lifespan, reduced performance, increased maintenance and even lead to an unexpected breakdown. 

We are approved distributors of a range of downstream compressor equipment from leading manufacturer, CompAir. They have a range of treatment products designed to provide environmentally friendly solutions to conserving energy and promoting efficiency and air purity. 

The range includes a choice of compressed air dryers that utilise different technologies to remove water vapour from the process. These include refrigerant, modular desiccant, and heat of compression (HOC) dryers. While each offers energy efficiency and peace of mind, selecting a technology that best suits your industry and production size will offer the best return on investment. 

Another essential accessory is filters and filtration products such as oil/water separators. Water, oil, dust: CompAir offers a complete product portfolio for combating the enemies of your compressed air application – one which makes no compromises when it comes to dry and pure air – from straightforward construction site use to highly complex electronics production, offering high product quality, faultless and low maintenance operation, and maximum reliability. 

That being said, all contaminants that are removed from the compressor must be disposed of correctly. Condensate can not be poured down normal drains and so CompAir’s range of condensate management systems provide the perfect solution for environmentally friendly and cost-effective disposal of your waste. 

If you’re looking to boost the efficiency of your operation, then there are a number of products that you may also want to consider including heat recovery systems and nitrogen generation. Huge amounts of heat are wasted as a byproduct of compressor operation. This resource can be used for other purposes within your facility to help save you money and provide a greener solution. Additionally, CompAir’s nitrogen generators offer a cost-effective, reliable and safe solution for small to medium nitrogen requirements in your plant. The generators produce nitrogen gas from compressed air and offer a reliable and safe alternative to traditional nitrogen gas supplies such as cylinder or liquid. 

Need help finding ways to improve your plant efficiency, quality, and green credentials without breaking the bank? We can help to recommend products that will offer you a fantastic return on investment and offer long-term improvements to your business. PremiAir supply, install, service, repair, and maintain downstream equipment to the very best quality. Get in touch with us by calling 01842 754488 to speak to a professional engineer or fill out our contact form below.