Portable Air Compressors

PremiAir proudly supply CompAir’s C Series of compressors which are designed specifically to cater to compressed air demands in remote, off-site locations.

  • Portable air compressors for mobile compressed air applications. 
  • Range of options including loadable, towable, and heavy duty. 
  • Compliant with emission standards in accordance with directive 97/68/EC. 

CompAir’s C Series of compressors are designed specifically to cater to compressed air demand in remote areas and off-site locations. Compressed air is a powerful product that is used for many processes in industrial applications. However, it is not just relied on in factories and plants. Air compressors are often needed to generate air to power pneumatic machinery for quarrying, restoration work, or construction. This type of work often takes place in remote locations and can pose specific challenges such as uneven and undulating terrain. 

Why Choose C-Series Portable Compressors?
The C Series is designed to offer maximum flexibility and reliability when working in off-site locations. When working in a remote location, staff are totally reliant on the machine to provide the performance they require. A failing unit could result in a lost day of work, putting plans behind schedule and ultimately costing the company a lot of money. Staff may have had to travel considerable distances to reach locations and this can have a serious impact on productivity and affect the overall project efficiency. 

The diverse range of products that make up the C Series have been engineered to offer powerful performance and maximum efficiency for a range of outdoor and offsite applications including drilling, construction, refurbishment, and other challenging tasks and projects. 

Conforms to European Emission Standards
To offer maximum peace of mind, all units conform to the European emission standards that are outlined in directive 97/68/EC. This standard is important as it outlines the amount of particulate pollution acceptable from mobile machinery. This helps to keep staff safe and ensures compliance with environmental regulations too.  

All of CompAir’s portable machines fulfil directive 97/68/EC as all diesel compressors are fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) to help control emissions. The filter is used to collect polluting particles before they are released into the atmosphere. Regular checks of the filter are important to ensure it is clean and performance isn’t decreased. 

Mobile & Towable Range

C10-12 - C14
Ideal for loading onto a van to be transported to the site, this lightweight range is compact enough to fit into a vehicle with ease whilst still providing durable performance suitable for repair and installation jobs. 

C20 - C30
Towable compressor range with great balance suitable for moving across uneven terrain offering low emission performance without the need for a DPF. This range is relied on by many in the construction industry. 

C35-10 - C50
This towable compressor range with low noise, water-cooled engines is ideal for busy, urban environments where noisy equipment could pose a disruption. 

C55-14 - C76
Energy efficient compressors with over 10% less diesel consumption than the previous range ideal for a versatile range of applications thanks to a wide pressure range of up to 14 bar. Built to last, low maintenance, and extremely reliable. 

C85-14 - C140-9
High-performance series suitable for challenging, heavy duty applications in industries such as civil engineering and road building. Cost-effective performance combined with ease of maintenance makes this series a fantastic choice. 

C200TS-24 - C270TS-9 TurboScrew 
CompAir’s top of the range TurboScrew compressor offers incredible diesel performance that is extremely efficient thanks to the patented bi-turbo technology. Suitable for the most demanding applications, it also features a very low weight making it ideal for transportation. 

Speak with one of our expert engineers for more detailed information and technical specifications for any of the above machines. We’re happy to help you select the best technology type for your exact work to ensure you receive the results you expect. Organise a quote or seek support and guidance by calling  01842 754488 and speak to a professional engineer today.