Compressed Air Management Controllers



  • CompAir’s SmartAir Master allows you to manage up to 12 compressors at once.
  • Advanced multi-controller technology offers fantastic energy savings.
  • Provides a comprehensive overview of your complete air system including downstream equipment.


Accurate control of a multi-compressor system is essential to properly manage performance and ensure the best levels of efficiency and cost-effectiveness are achieved. Having precise control over your system will allow you to effectively monitor and manage operation to help lower some of the costs associated with high energy consumption and inefficiency. 

Over a period of five years, energy accounts for roughly 80% of the total costs of a compressed air system. Ensuring inefficiencies are reduced is therefore extremely important in lowering the total lifecycle cost of your installation. CompAir’s SmartAir Master controller offers a fantastic solution for compressed air management, allowing plant managers to access a comprehensive overview of their entire air system. Unlike conventional controllers, the SmartAir controllers allow you to include the complete system including your downstream equipment such as dryers, filters, and condensate drains, giving you a comprehensive and detailed overview. 

The advanced demand-responsive sequencer harmonises the workload of up to 12 fixed or variable speed compressors to offer the very best performance possible. In a large system with multiple compressors delivering air to a distribution system, the capacity of the machines is usually much greater than the site demands, and this can lead to waste if not properly managed. The versatile functions of the control can calculate the exact demand required and ensure the most effective combination of machines are being utilised to meet the plant requirements, resulting in significant energy savings through precise production. 

Aside from incredible energy efficiency, SmartAir Master also helps to facilitate:

  • Optimised performance
  • Decreased downtime
  • Increased productivity
  • Economic servicing 
  • Ease of operation 
  • Detailed monitoring 

The system is extremely user-friendly and has been designed and developed by CompAir to offer operator convenience with an easy-to-understand touchscreen interface that allows plant managers to view a graphical presentation of the sequencer. 

Set up is also extremely easy with the modern set-up assistant which guides you through the process and ensures each parameter is correct and confirmed. The homepage displays useful information such as the network pressure and air consumption, and there are also separate displays for each connected compressor which will display fault or warning messages if there are any issues.  

This state-of-the-art technology offers real benefits to plant owners, offering you the potential to save up to 35% on energy consumption! Find out how CompAir’s controllers can improve your business productivity and profitability by speaking to our expert engineers at PremiAir today. Call 01842 754488 or fill out the contact form below to get in touch.