Piston Compressors

With more than 85 years of experience in designing and manufacturing compressed air systems, Champion draws from a long history of product knowledge from a variety of markets and operating conditions to produce durable and trustworthy products for a host of industries including automotive repair, workshop, and light industrial.

  • Reliable, strong, and long-lasting piston compressors from Champion. 
  • Oil-free, oil-lubricated and silent compressors available. 
  • Suitable for a wide range of small to medium professional applications. 

PremiAir is proud to supply, install, service, and maintain a complete range of piston compressors from Champion. Delivering incredible performance, amazing reliability, and a long lifespan, even in challenging conditions, Champion’s piston technology is engineered to deliver results, no matter what the industry. Known for outstanding efficiency and competitive price rates, Champion’s compressed air solutions set a high standard for performance and cost-effectiveness. 

Benefits of piston technology 

  • Low noise so can be located close to point of use to avoid lengthy pipework.
  • Durable design for long-lasting performance.
  • Efficient operation offers cost-effective results. 
  • Competitive price at affordable rates.
  • Easy maintenance solution with full accessibility of mechanical parts.
  • Tried and tested technology is one of the oldest type of compressor on the market. 

The Champion Range 

Champion’s product portfolio encompasses a range of options including lubricated, oil free, and silenced compressor units. All performing with low noise levels and with integrated control panels that offer ease of operation, the range is designed to offer the perfect solution for a range of garage, workshop, and industrial applications.  

In addition, every Champion piston compressor is equipped with authentic high-quality pistons, offering long term performance, reliable results, and total peace of mind. 

Base Series
With a power range of 1.5 to 3HP and receiver capabilities from 3 to 100 litres, this series of dry running or lubricated compressors offers direct drive performance ideal for hobby or semi-professional usage. 

Line Series
Ideal for semi-professional, professional, or light industrial, the Line series is available in a power range 2 to 20 HP with tank capacity ranging from 25 to 900 litres and pressures up to 11 Bar.

Pro Series
For industrial applications, this range of belt driven lubricated compressors offers an impressive design that delivers longevity and performance. Available in a power range of 2 to 30 HP with tank capacity ranging from 25 to 900 litres and pressures up to 11 Bar.

Advanced Series
Champion’s best-in-class series, Advanced, represents the very best standards of assembly, design, and construction, delivering a technical solution to a range of compression challenges. Power range from 2 to 30 HP with tank capacity ranging from 22 to 900 litres and pressures up to 15 Bar.

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