Air Compressor Heat Recovery



  • Use the excess heat from your air compressor to your advantage.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and save money.
  • Improve efficiency by recovering up to 94% of the wasted heat for re-use.


Heat recovery systems from CompAir are a fantastic way to boost the efficiency of your plant and save money. In a compressed air installation, over 90% of the electrical input is actually wasted in the form of heat. During the compression process, energy is converted to heat as a byproduct of the process. This is then wasted in the atmosphere as the heat dissipates by the motor and cooling system. 

A viable alternative is to use a heat recovery system to redirect the heat to another application in your factory. It can be transferred to water, raising the temperature to be used in a wide variety of applications but most commonly for central heating in your factory. 

When considering cost savings, the heat generated as part of your compression process is paid for as part of the compressor unit. However, it is then paid for again when it used removed by way of the cooling fans. Finding a way to utilise this excess byproduct can help to save a huge amount of money over time, generating hot water for application processes in other areas of your business. 

CompAir integrated systems can be installed as part of your new compressor installation or retrofit to existing systems including all necessary pipework, fixtures, and fittings. The innovative design of the recovery system transfers heat into a medium that can then transport it to the area where it will be utilised. This offers a speedy return on investment through energy savings whilst helping to protect the environment by drastically reducing your CO2 emissions! 

Choose a heat recovery system for:

  • Significant cost savings 
  • Lower CO2 emissions
  • Factory fitted integrated system 
  • Retrofit kits for installed systems including all pipework and fittings 
  • Low investment costs 
  • Payback in as little as one to three years 

It’s never too late to start thinking about how you can improve your efficiency, save money, and earn your green credentials by conserving energy and doing your bit for the planet! Speak to one of our professional engineers to find out if a fully integrated heat recovery system could provide cost savings for your business. We’re happy to give tailored recommendations and advice based on your exact industry requirements to ensure we provide the very best solutions for your plant, offering maximum levels of performance and efficiency. 

You can reach us by calling 01842 754488 or by sending an email to [email protected] to speak with a highly qualified air expert.