Air Compressor Hire



  • Why buy when you can rent! 
  • Cost-effective solution for industrial compressed air demand.
  • Flexible rental agreement and choice of oil-free & lubricated models in fixed and variable speed. 


Hire a compressor from PremiAir; the UK’s most respected supplier of compressed air products and services provides an unbeatable air compressor rental service at competitive rates. PremiAir's customer commitment is a guarantee that you will receive a fast, professional and friendly service supported by experienced personnel and the best equipment.

There are many reasons why you might choose to lease industrial air compressor equipment over purchasing it. Rental equipment offers you a quick, efficient and hassle-free way to access the compressor products you require without the need for a large upfront cost. You might choose to hire if: 


You have a short-term increase in air demand 

If you need to produce more compressed air on a short-term basis, it can be expensive to upgrade your system just for a one-off contract or a temporary increase in demand. This is where hire solutions are a great option! Fulfil your contract without the need to shell out large sums of money. 

You’re undergoing a permanent upgrade

Rental compressors help you to keep production running smoothly while you organise a more permanent upgrade to your existing system. 

You have upcoming planned maintenance

Planned preventative maintenance is an important part of compressor ownership and helps to keep your operation performing effectively and reduce the risk of breakdowns. However, if you require a constant output of compressed air, the interruption to your daily operation can be burdensome. Don’t allow planned maintenance to get in the way of your business, hire a compressor to do the job in the interim! 

You experience unexpected downtime

Breakdowns happen. It’s an unfortunate fact but not everything can be planned for and sometimes we have to deal with the unexpected. In situations like this, a great and inexpensive back up plan is compressor hire. Enjoy speedy delivery and get back up and running in no time at all. 


PremiAir rental services offer a host of benefits to customers including competitive rates, guaranteed delivery, and unrivalled air quality. No matter what your requirements, from individual compressors to complete compressed air package solutions, our innovative and reliable equipment meets the varied and demanding compressed air requirements of all UK industries.

Our hire fleet utilises a range of products and technologies from the likes of CompAir, Champion, Hydrovane, and more, and provides an energy-efficient and environmentally safe system including management control systems, dryers, filters, receivers, condensate drains and oil/water separators - all installed, commissioned and maintained in accordance with industry regulations.

Providing expert, professional advice from years of knowledge and experience in the compressed air generation industry enables Premiair to accurately assess customers individual requirements and then determine the most affordable, reliable and cost-effective hire package.

From the first point of contact, Premiair’s experienced and dedicated team will work to ensure that each individual and specific hire and site requirement is fulfilled promptly and efficiently. To organise a hire contract, call 01842 754488 and speak to a professional engineer today.