Airend and Motor Refurbishment



  • Cost-effective refurbishment of airends and motors back to OEM standard. 
  • We can refurb rotary screw, rotary vane, scroll, piston and other technologies. 
  • Guarantee to only use genuine parts and spares. 


PremiAir provides an airend and motor refurbishment service to help repair broken compressor systems and extend the life of your valuable equipment. By offering this service we aim to provide a cost-effective alternative to complete system overhaul, fixing your current machinery and getting you back up and running smoothly and effectively. Our repairs ensure your airend and motor are returned to OEM standard, offering high performance and quality for your process and providing a real cost saving compared to purchasing replacement compressors.

The airend is the heart of the compressor. It is the part of the machine where the actual compression takes place and consists of the rotors and the housing. It plays an integral role in ensuring the machine runs effectively and energy efficiency is maximised. Over time, of course, the airend may become worn down and you may notice a decrease in performance efficiency, resulting in higher energy costs for your business. If this occurs, you may consider refurbishment to bring your machine back up to standard. 

Another integral part of the unit is the motor. Compression can’t occur without power and that’s what the motor provides. Insufficient power can reduce performance and so it’s important the motor is functioning properly and to a high standard. A sign that it may be getting run down is a humming noise which could indicate that it should be replaced or refurbished. 

During their lifetime, both parts will be subject to harsh operating conditions and can become damaged due to heat, poor lubricant quality, or simply because of usage. When damage occurs the worst-case scenario would be system failure resulting in unplanned downtime, loss of production, and a large financial burden. That’s why it’s always important to monitor performance and ensure repairs are carried out in a timely manner. For an airend, the typical length of service is around 40,000 hours. 

PremiAir’s factory-trained engineers are experts in compressed air and will have no trouble repairing any technology including vane, scroll, screw, and piston. We will take your old part and remanufacture it back to the original OEM specification using only genuine spare parts including bearings, o rings, gaskets, seals, and any other spare you may require. Once our engineers have completed work on the part, it will be subjected to rigorous testing and quality assurance to ensure it performs as good as new, offering the reliability you need. 

We always aim to provide a quick repair service so that we can get our customers up and running again in as little time as possible. In addition, all of our refurbished airends are covered by an extended warranty, offering you peace of mind and assurance. Trust our professional engineers to deliver a hassle-free refurbishment service with incredible results, saving you money and keeping you running! Find out more by calling 01842 754488 or filling out our contact form below.