• Improve the efficiency of your plant with professional air audits from PremiAir. 
  • Full report provided with recommendations for improvements. 
  • Assess energy usage and identify areas to enhance performance. 


If you’re looking to upgrade, replace, or improve your compressed air network, an air audit carried out by PremiAir is a great place to start. This service is an excellent way to assess the efficiency of your plant and gather information about your current energy usage. From this information, we can assess your compressed air requirements are evaluate the effectiveness of your current operation. 

There can be many areas within an installation where energy is being lost, or not best utilised. To ensure your operation is performing at optimum levels of efficiency, locating these areas is a great place to start. Even small factors such as a localised air leak, or oil and water vapour within the system can be a huge source of inefficiency. Another area of concern is heat loss which could be used to power another valuable process within your plant. All of these areas ultimately lead to poorer performance and higher energy costs.

An air audit is carried out by our professional engineers by attaching a data-logging unit to each compressor within your network. This can be done for a fixed period of time or for enough time to gather enough data, metrics and information required to complete a formal assessment. The metrics will allow our highly trained technicians to analyse your air pressure requirements, power consumption, flow rate, and other details. 

We will assess the system’s effectiveness on both the supply and demand side and then our engineers can provide a document with recommendations for improvements. Recommendations may include selecting the right size and mix of fixed and variable speed compressors or even switching to a more efficient machine. It may also recommend improvements to pipework, such as reducing bends if this will offer benefits to overall performance. 

Of course, should you agree to go ahead with the proposed changes, our team of engineers are on hand to help assist with the design, planning, and installation to ensure the findings of the report are put to best use. 

We recommend regularly carrying out air audits alongside leak detection surveys as a way to measure your progress and ensure you are always optimising your installation to offer the best performance and quality. Compressors need regular maintenance and care and so an air audit is a great way to ensure your system still meets your needs as your business progresses over time. 

Consider a professional air audit by PremiAir today and benefit from a comprehensive compressed air strategy and tangible results. Please give one of our factory-trained staff a call on 01842 754488 or fill out our contact form below to get in touch and find out more.