Downstream Equipment

PremiAir supply a complete range of air compressor downstream equipment to help enhance the quality and efficiency of your compressed air installation.


  • Complete your installation with effective downstream equipment for maximum efficiency. 
  • High-performance equipment to optimise your compressed air system. 
  • Complete range of air treatment accessories backed by expert service and support. 

PremiAir supply a complete range of downstream equipment and air treatment accessories to help enhance the quality and efficiency of your compressed air installation. Backed by some of the world’s leading manufacturers in air compressor and vacuum technology, our range of products are designed to improve performance, lower costs, and enhance your plant production. 

Contamination is the number one enemy of any air compressor system. Filters are used to remove contaminants including dirt, dust, grease, vapours, and oils. CompAir’s filter range has been developed to help in the fight against impurity at all points within your system. 

Air Dryers
Dryers remove water and water vapour from compressed air to help protect your installation from corrosion and your end product from contamination. CompAir has a diverse range of technologies to suit every industry. Refrigerant dryers cool compressed air which collects as condensate to be removed from the air whilst desiccant dryers pass the air across an adsorbent material to draw the moisture out. 

Nitrogen Generators
Fulfil medium to large scale nitrogen generation demand in your plant with gas produced from your existing system with minimum additional floor space requirements. This method is extremely efficient and cost-effective, offering a speedy return on investment. 

Zero Loss Drains
Industrial drains are lightweight and easy to install, they help to eliminate waste caused by condensate drip. Electronic drain systems ensure no loss of air for maximum energy savings.

Condensate Management 
Waste from air compressors, called condensate, must be disposed of safely and responsibly. The electronically level-controlled condensate drains from CompAir are the industry standard for reliable and efficient condensate drainage.

Compressed Air Receivers
Vertical and horizontal receivers are available to help optimise the efficiency at which your plant runs by decreasing the loading and unloading cycles of your compressor. 

Compressor Controllers
Adequate control of your entire operation has the ability to offer incredible energy savings through effective management and planning. Easy to operate controllers from CompAir can manage multiple compressors at once and provide the information you need to optimise and enhance performance. 

Air Monitors 
Air monitors provide you with up-to-date information regarding your machine including flow and dew point metres. 

For more information on our range of products, or to find out what product will provide the most cost-effective solution for your installation, speak with a professional engineer from PremiAir. We have years of experience in the sector and pride ourselves on our knowledge, technical know-how, and application expertise. You can contact us by calling 01842 754488 or filling out our contact form.