Servicing (3 Tier Service Packages)

Gold Package:

Are you looking for a fixed service package where all breakdowns and preventative maintenance is included? If so this the service package for you.

With our Gold service package you pay one price for your servicing (either Monthly, Quarterly or Annually) and any breakdown will be covered including all parts and labour. Along with this the air end, motor, cooler and controller are also covered automatically via our own Care Assured Warranty scheme. 

Silver Package:

This is a full preventative maintenance schedule where all the manufacturers recommendations are adhered to in full. The only difference between this and the Gold package is breakdowns are not covered.

Bronze Package:

Our Bronze package is our standard entry level service package. This covers all the main elements of the manufacturers recommended service schedule but will exclude services to main the control valves, cooler cleans and motor bearing changes and alike.


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