Premiair Solutions provide a range of reliable, energy efficient and cost effective industrial air compressors for all types of industry be it for low, medium or high pressure applications.

The HPC compressors comes as standard with the industry leading 5 year no quibble warranty (when coupled to a service agreement) giving you, the customer, total peace of mind that they will have no breakdown costs over this period of time. 

Premiair and HPC can offer compressors from 2.2 to 316 kW in the form of either fixed or utilising variable speed technology, compressors can come as standalone or have integral refrigerant dryers. If space is an issue compressors then up to 15kW compressors can come as one complete package (that’s compressor, dryer and receiver) making installation quick and easy.

Premiair are also distributors for Parker Hannifin range of compressed air and gas treatment products ensuring whatever ‘ISO’ quality air you require we can achieve. The range of products covers the following,

  • Filters

  • Water separators

  • Coalescing filters

  • Dust removal filters

  • Sterile and bacteria removal filters

  • Oil vapour removal

  • Refrigerant dryers

  • Antares combination dryers

  • Membrane dryers

  • Desiccant dryers

  • Nitrogen gas generators

  • Oil water separators

  • Condensate drains

With access to industry leading manufacturer products enables us to be able to recommend the best solution for your application ensuring you are generating and treating the compressed air as efficiently as possible.

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