Breathing Air Testing

European Standard EN12021:2014 specifies the importance of quality of compressed air that is used in breathing apparatus. "

The quality of compressed air used within respiratory applications has to be within accordance to the required standards in order to prevent risk to our health.

The standard details all contaminants shall be kept to levels below the national occupational exposure limits as defined by the Health and Safety Executive (EH40)

This standard includes all self-contained compressed air breathing apparatus used. It also applies to systems supplying breathing air via an airline and systems supplying synthetic air.

The requirements for permissible levels of oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, lubricants, odour, taste, and water content in compressed breathing air are all specified.

Regular testing is vital

Volume flow and quality of supply should be tested as a minimum every 3 months or when a mobile compressor is moved.

A detailed record sheet should be completed and then reviewed by a designated individual to assess whether the air quality is fit for purpose.

This quality test report should be reviewed in alongside the compressor and air purifier service and maintenance records to give a bigger picture assessment of the entire breathing air installation.

Any defects recorded in the test results or found in the equipment should be recorded and the equipment should be suitably labelled. Defects must be remedied before the equipment is used and then retested to ensure its now safe.

Test records should be retained for at least 5 years.

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